Equity Officer
Farheen Kothiwala

Hello everyone!! I am Farheen, your Equity Officer for SAMS 2022 ❤️ This year I will be starting my postgraduate studies, doing an Honours in physiology, under the supervision of Dr. Deborah Young💊. Neurological disorders and brain research holds a very close place in my heart, and I am extremely pumped for that to be the focus of my project this year 🧠🧪  

Get to know me more...

As the SAMS secretary in 2021, I really enjoyed the core focus of this club, how it continues to strive to bring the MEDSCI cohorts together, promotes events that provides career advice, course support and I’ve become a little attached to the team. My role this year is equity officer, and my goal is to foster inclusivity and belonginess within SAMS itself but also bring about many fun events and fundraisers (keep your eyes out, many more to come!!) 😍