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Samara Anubhav

Hey everyoneeee!! My name is Samara and I'm so excited to be your SAMS equity officer for this year!!
I'm currently studying 2nd year medicine and surgery 🩺🫀 which is kinda intimidating but I cannot wait to learn about different clinical scenarios and to meet some more of you at grafton campus :)

This year I'm definitely looking forward to organising some fun events for you guys to take a well deserved break from studying, but I also hope that we can fundraise and develop awareness for some important causes together xx

My favourite paper has to be medsci 142 since I still can’t comprehend the complexity of our body and how amazing its processes and functions are 💙
3 things that make me happy are coffee ☕️, dance 💃🏽, and my lovely friends and family 🫶

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