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Mckenzie Park

Hello everyone! 😌 I’m McKenzie and I am one of your SAMS postgraduate academic officers for 2023. This year I am starting my (taught) Masters in Environmental Management which focuses on advanced studies in community engagement with environmental issues. 🌎🌿 I have completed a BSc and a Postgraduate Diploma in Biomedical Science where my studies focussed on microbiology, infectious diseases and immunology.

This is my second year being a postgraduate academic officer for the SAMS exec. Being apart of SAMS has allowed me to be 

 more involved within the SBS & FMHS cohorts not only providing medsci students with the opportunity to meet more of their peers but to also have an insight into where their degree can lead them to and what resources and opportunities are available for them to explore. I look forward to meeting more of you again this year and seeing you at our events! 😄


A fun fact about me is that I am an identical twin - but not many people I meet at uni know because my sister doesn’t go to our uni. ♊️

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