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Helen Haywood

Hello everyone! 💙 My name is Helen and I’m your SAMS President for 2023 :) 

This year I’m continuing my BSc specialising in Biomedical Science, with a focus on the neuroscience and infection & immunology pathways.🧠💊 


2023 is my second year being on the SAMS exec. Last year I was one of the club’s academic officers, which led me to be offered the opportunity to become President this year. I really enjoyed being involved in the behind the scenes work of SAMS. It gave me a real sense of belonging and a purpose within the FMHS, which I feel otherwise can be quite overwhelming. My goal this year is to help as many medsci students as we can find that sense of belonging too - through all of our super cool and exciting events. 😉😍

As nervous as I am, I can’t wait to tackle this year together and see what we can achieve and how much fun we can have while doing it!


To finish off, a fun fact about me is that I grew up and went to school in 3 different countries. Mainly in NZ, but also in the USA and in Sweden!

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