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Whether you're about to finish first year or you're well into your 2nd year, this portal contains links to articles which we have written in order to better benefit you! If you have any pressing questions, definitely do email us at to request us to write.

What Can I Do With A BSc Degree?

This frequently asked question has no simple answer and is on many people's mind. This article offers a brief run-down on what is expected from a BSc graduate and potential avenues that one could explore. This article is written with Biomedical Science, Physiology, and Pharmacology graduates in mind and is based on current trends as of the time of publishing; so take it with a huge grain of salt - I'm not including references for good reason - in reality, things change all the time! One should view this article as a guide for places to begin looking and researching.

Lab Report Writing Tips

Yes, beyond 1st year come the time consuming, head-scratching, tiresome lab reports. 

You've done your experiments, collected your data, but what next? Where do you even start?? This article contains step by step tips to help you get on your way to writing an A+ report!  

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