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Advocating for MEDSCI and BIOSCI students

The 2023 SAMS Vision


​At the start of 2022, the SAMS Executive Team announced a new set of goals called the "3 C's" - Create, Connect, and Collaborate. Simply put, the 3 C’s encapsulate our aims to:

  • Create a sense of belonging and community for our diverse student cohorts

  • Connect passion with purpose: empower students to discover a medical science pathway that is exciting, meaningful and impactful for them

  • Collaborate with other student associations and external organisations to facilitate professional growth and development of students in a safe and supportive environment 




Created in 2009, the Student Association for the Medical Sciences (SAMs) was established as a small organization consisting of confused medical science students floating between Grafton and City Campus seeking information and advice, only to shuffle around with more questions than answers.


The 2009 Executive Committee sought to change that, and thus with limited time, financial resources, and an enthusiastic attitude, SAMs set off to organize events that began gaining attention from the student community. As time passed by, memberships began to increase, as with the demand for events; thus the creation of various notable SAMs events such as pub crawls, first aid courses, and sports days.


Despite the evergrowing attention, SAMS struggled with attendance for various events. Combined with woes of being a student, the organization was put on a brief hiatus in 2013 and was resurrected in late 2014.




Since the resurrection of SAMS, all subsequent executive committee members have continued to work tirelessly to bring social and academic events to all MEDSCI students. With each year follows fresh minds, newfound wisdom, and exciting new ideas to bring the community together and keep the sense of belonging present. From the stressed-out 1st year MEDSCI142 student to the stressed out post-grad MEDSCI700 student, we endeavour to advocate and cater for the needs of all students enrolled in MEDSCI papers, and for those majoring in Biomedical Sciences, Physiology, Pharmacology, and its related disciplines.


At SAMS, we understand the struggles associated with being a medical science student. Should there be any concerns regarding your degree or career pathways, please don’t hesitate to flick us a message! (Have a yarn with us too, we don’t bite!).

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