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Even though the School of Medical Sciences was (and is) the largest school in the university based on student population, we felt we didn't really have a place to belong. Many of us were constantly in between Grafton Campus and City Campus, and if we sought out advice or information, we were shuffled between the two campuses, with no answers, perhaps feeling even more lost than when we started. 


Thus, the Student Association of the Medical Sciences (SAMS) was first established in 2009 by a small group of Medical Science students with the intention of being able to unite the very diverse group of individuals studying MEDSCI papers.

SAMS Mission Statement

​The Student Association for the Medical Sciences (SAMS) is a student-run club whose goal is to advocate for and cater to the academic, social and welfare needs of all enrolled medical science (MEDSCI) students at the University of Auckland.

This includes Biomedical Sciences, Physiology, Pharmacology, and any students taking MEDSCI papers.

SAMS Primary Goals 2019

  1. To generate a sense of belonging and community for MEDSCI students.

  2. To build individual student resilience amongst our members by providing the opportunity to form vertical and horizontal student support structures.


SAMS started in 2009 with a very small membership. At first it was difficult to organize and hold events due to financial problems as this club was just starting up and, also, there were conflicts in time and priorities within the 2009 Executive Committee. However, the committee kept on and after a few months, their hard work paid off as the organization’s visibility in the student community increased. News of its existence spread by word-of-mouth and by advertisements of events that it organized. The membership increased that, in the next year, its membership had risen to a sizeable 170 students.
​          Demands for events started to increase as the membership increased. Hence, new events were organized by SAMS – pub crawls, first aid courses and sports days. With this, required more manpower, so the SAMS Executive Committee grew by opening more positions. The executives were able to eventually cope with the amount of events that they were organizing alongside maintaining their academic aspects.
​          However, a new problem had arisen. Although the membership grew, the attendance for events was still too small for it to be sustainable and entertaining. This took its toll on the membership, and the membership decreased the following years. The next years’ SAMS executive committees found ways to attract more membership, however, other internal problems hampered progress in this front. Eventually, the organization became dormant in 2013.

In late 2014, SAMS was resurrected and has continued successfully to this day.

We continue to work hard to bring social and academic events to you, and will advocate for all MEDSCI students.