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Course Breakdown


Theme quizzes (fortnightly)- 2%

Research editorial (essay topic given options)-13%

Lab worksheets-15% (4 labs straight forward). 

Theory test (mid-sem)- 25%

Final Exam-45%

Course Information


Recommended textbook:
Zieglier, E.E., Filer, L.J. (eds), Present Knowledge in Nutrition, 7th edition, ILSI Press Washington DC.

Basic Information

This course is based on nutrition; we cover topics from diabetes to energy balance to pregnancy nutrition. But you are guided across the topics with teacher notes in the first half of the course. I lived by these notes, and I highly recommend using them to study for the mid sem. It is an amazing course with an incredible course coordinator. Jennifer is one of the loveliest lecturers I have worked with in my 3 years here. There is a volunteer internship opportunity at a Nutrition centre close by in Mount Eden (can catch the 25L to in like 20 mins). I highly recommend doing this as it is great on the CV and also is really good experience for anyone who wants a taste of what nutrition careers look like or what research studies look like. The labs are straightforward and quite fun but do be aware that you have the option to edit your diet and if you're Uncomfy you just have to make that clear then it's cool. Highly recommend this class. 

Research editorial was great but do pick your topic as soon as possible because people will run to it and then you could get stuck with an awful topic. But a great assignment. Start it early. 

Laboratory Component

There are 4 labs, and they cover energy balance, dieting (altering protein content), blood sugar (involves the option of taking blood sugar via needle) and visiting the nutrition centre. Very good labs and very straightforward sheets just try to feel comfy with asking questions because it makes life easier.

Lecture Content

Energy balance & body weight regulation-Very straightforward, Jennifer teaches it and provides amazing notes, highly recommend can also be viewed online. 

Diet & cardiometabolic disease-Diabetes module, very good with amazing notes and insane detail but if you remember the detail and study the note you can do very well. 

Methods in nutritional science- good modules not memorable but good. 

Nutrition & metabolism across the lifespan-This was really fun, I was never a massive fan of baby and pregnancy nutrition before this, but it was so fun to study. 

Functional foods and nutraceuticals-Great module! So much fun it goes into all the talk on supplements and vitamins and the rules and regulations around that. He is a really cool, great teacher as well as a nice guy. 

Nutrition and gastrointestinal health- Hard module, personally hated it. But only 1 part of the final exam and can be kind of less prioritised.

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