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Course Breakdown


Assignments/Site Visits: 50%
Exam: 50%

Basic Information

This course was presented mostly by people from industry. Note that no lectures were recorded.


Assignments & Site Visit

Good news: no labs. Bad news: assignments. There were 3 internal assessments in total: 2 research essay based assignments worth 25% and 20% respectively, and a 5% site visit questionnaire.

Do not think that the essay assignments are easy! It was a huge amount of writing and although not particularly hard, it was quite monotonous. The way it was marked in 2015 was with minimal feedback: there was the occasional tick here and there but did not particularly give a good indication as to how your mark was obtained. However, the site visits were quite possibly the best part about this paper! We were given a tour of the production of drugs or supplements and given great insight as to what it would be like working at these companies. The questionnaire was very simple and with just a good bit of attention, it was an easy 5% to obtain.


Lecture Content

​Lecturers come and go so topics may change in the coming year. The course is incredibly spread out in content thus you may find it hard to focus because the content did not seem to interrelate. However, your saviour is the past papers as this paper is examined via short answers and essays. The questions are often repeated every few years so study up on what has come up in the past.

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