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Dylan Evaristo

Helloooo, my name is Dylan and im am one of your Academic Officers for 2024 🫡 I am currently a third year BSc student, Majoring in Physiology🫀.


I look forward to meeting a diverse range of individuals to support their academic needs as they navigate through the journey of Medical Sciences. Additionally, my goal is to ensure that our club offers a space for individuals to not only excel in their academics but also to build lifelong friendships 🤝.


My favourite MEDSCI paper is MEDSCI 205! Lowkey it was a struggle. However it is a rewarding paper and great for students interested in Physiology. Lab reports were a pain tho 😫. 


3 things that make me happy are 1. Reaching a food coma 🍜 2. Gaming 🕹️3. Finishing a lab report 📑

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