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Head of Marketing
Sabrina Von 

💙Hello everyone ~ I’m Sabrina and I’m currently studying my third year Bachelor of Biomedical Science🧬🥼

I will be your 2023 Head of Marketing for SAMS and I am so excited to contribute to the group and meet everyone in our future events this year! I joined SAMS ever since my first year of university as a member and I found it created an inclusive and wonderful sense of community of us medical science students which was why I decided to step out of comfort zone to join the exec team this year to get more involved in our cohort ^_^ 🌸
I look forward to meeting all of you in our events this year, please don’t hesitate to come say hello if you see me 🤩

Fun fact about me: I’d love to open a 24/7 study cafe in the future☕️📚✨

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