Vice President
Maathini Arulgnanapiragasam

Hi everyone ☺️! My name is Maathini and I am your Vice President for this year's Exec team! This year I start my journey as a postgraduate student doing a postgrad diploma in Bioscience Enterprise. I’m thrilled to be taking a course which combines both the commercial and scientific world together 🧬 !

Get to know me more...

This is my first time being part of SAMS and I am excited to bring about new activities and events for our students this year, but also some old ones like pub quiz hehe 🍸🍾🥂 This year in particular I wanna focus on building a really strong cohort, where students can feel a sense of belonging and can easily make friends :)) 


Finally, if I had to eat 1kg of something in one sitting, it would probably be chicken bites (not easy for me to pick just one though cause i love food 🥲)