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Samantha Tian

Hi I’m Sammie! I am the SAMS vice president for this year and im going to be in my third year of physiology (after doing 1st year biomed🤓).


I’m hoping to continue the good work our predecessors have done and bring SAMS to new heights but most importantly make SAMS a base point of support for all medical science students!


My favourite MEDSCI paper was MEDSCI142 because I think it was a paper that really solidified my passion for learning about the human body. I was also really lucky to have Angela as my red coat and I had a very good learning experience in labs with her. In fact I enjoyed it so much I TA’ed for it last sem 🤣 


Three things that make me happy are 1. my loving and supportive friends 🫶🏻 2. salmon sashimi 🍣 3. pilates 😼 

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