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Course Information


Official UoA Website: link.
SAMS FB Group Page: link.

Basic Information

This course was mostly delivered by Malcolm Tingle and a few guest lecturers. This is a toxicology course which focuses on a few drugs such as paracetamol, benzopyrene and warfarin) along with a few animals (e.g. fishes and amphibians). The toxic effects of these compounds to our vital organs such as the liver, kidney and reproductive organs through ADME processes is the main concept behind this paper. There are many drug names to memorise but this paper is still mostly about understanding and linking concepts together.


Laboratory Component

The instructions for these lab assignments were not very clear as such attending the weekly Friday tutorials were very useful. Additionally, some previous statistical knowledge would help along with having the Statistical software Prism installed in your private electronic device would be very helpful for the lab reports. The pre- and post- CECIL tests could be completed with ease as long as you paid attention to the lab manual and within the labs.


Office hours

There were no office hours for Malcolm nor Rachel so definitely make as much use of your time in the lab to speak to them both! The weekly Friday tutorial was only designated for the lab assignments. It was a small class and the lectures were recorded.

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