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#4 Checklist For Things To Do Before Uni Starts & O-WEEK!

Updated: Jan 17, 2019


  1. Know where your classes physically will take place! It would pay to just visit the University, have a look around, and know where your classes are to avoid the last minute rush of trying-to-get-to-class-because-your-bus-was-late-but-you-don’t-know-where-it-is.

  2. Buy / Obtain your course guides. A PDF version of the course guide is usually available on CANVAS (the learning management software: However, most people probably do purchase a physical copy of their course guides (approximately ~$30 per guide). You should get an email perhaps 1-2 weeks before semester starts from the course coordinator at your University email (log-in here: detailing where you can purchase it. (Typically purchase-able at the University book store; now called UBIQ).

  3. Buy a pair of safety glasses and a lab coat. You’ll need safety glasses for CHEM 110 and Lab Coats for all lab classes: BIOSCI 101, 106, 107, CHEM 110, and MEDSCI 142. You can buy these brand new at the University book store (now called UBIQ) or second hand from other retailers. If you happen to have an old lab coat (e.g. from siblings, from other universities, etc.); you are definitely able to use it.

  4. Get your AT HOP Tertiary Concession loaded. Chances are, you’ll use public transport to get to University. May as well save a few bucks! In the past, you had to get a sticker, apply online, then load the concession at an AT retailer. Whilst this is still an option, Auckland Transport (AT) have rolled out a new app for Auckland Uni students specifically detailed in this link:

  5. Finish the DELNA. It’s compulsory for all students. If you go to Orientation week, they reserve a time slot for this as well. If English is your native tongue, it should be very easy. Don’t fret about it - just get it out of the way :) Find more here: link.

  6. May as well finish the Academic Integrity Course. Another compulsory thing to do. Just get it out of the way! Find out more here: link.

  7. Get Microsoft Office for free (legally) if you haven’t got it already. The University spends thousands (even millions) for licenses each year. This means they get pretty cool perks from big companies like Microsoft. As a result, all students get to install Microsoft Office for free on their personal devices :) Find out more here:

  8. Attend Orientation Week. Make a few friends during O-week, have fun, get some free-bees, chillax :) If you’re a BSc Biomedical Science student, you should go to the Faculty of Science orientation on Wednesday 21st Feb 2018. If you’re a BHSc student, you should go to the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences orientation on Tuesday 20th Feb 2018.

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