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#8 Semester 2


Hopefully, you are enjoying your well-deserved break and also preparing for Semester 2 as well! With Semester 2 lurking around the corner, here are some things to add to your checklist:

Semester 2 Checklist:

  • Enrolments: Gen-Ed Hop onto SSO and check that your timetable for Sem 2. Please make sure that you’re actually enrolled in a gen-ed paper too!

  • MEDSCI142: Pick up course guides The course guide will be available for pick up prior to the beginning of Sem 2 so keep an eye out on Canvas for pre-semester announcement for MEDSCI142. Alternatively, you can visit our Biomed/Healthsci FB page for pick up times and locations. 

  • MEDSCI 142: Perfect bound vs Ring bound Though it might be a simple choice, such choice often leaves many students divided. The MEDSCI142 course guide will come in 2 forms - perfect bound or ring bound. Both have identical course content and students must choose one upon collection. Attached below are some pros and cons of both types of course-guide; there is no right or wrong, it is merely just a personal preference so don’t sweat it!

  • MEDSCI 142: Lab preparation Labs for MEDSCI 142 will commence from Week 1, thus it is a good idea to pick up your course guide prior to Semester 2 so that you can prep and read over Lab 1. Pre-reading is especially crucial to MEDSCI142 as every lab is assessed at the end of each lab through 10 MCQs that are based not the lab & its associated content. Hence, we highly advise students to pick up their course guides before semester 2 begins so that you are able to go through the lab content & its recommended textbook readings. 

  • MEDSCI142, BIOSCI106, PHYSICS160: Lectures & Labs Hop onto SSO and familiarise yourself with your timetable. Double check to see if you have any labs in week 1. For specific information regarding your Sem 2 papers, keep an eye out on Canvas for course-related announcements. 

  • What’s Next is coming up For those who curious about what lies ahead after first year, What's Next will be coming up in Week 2 of Semester 2. Hosted by SAMS, What's Next is an informal networking event for first year Biomed/HealthSci/Physiology students who may be curious about the pathway of a science degree and/or clinical degrees. A range of students from science majors or clinical programmes will be there to answer your questions. This is an excellent networking opportunity that you don't want to miss! Keep updated via the official FB event page for What's Next. ​​​

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