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#Insights: Optometry


So, you may be wondering… optometrists just look at eyes and stuff, right? Yes, we do, but there’s more than what meets the eye. We look at eyes, yes, you’re right on that part, but we also look at things like how do glasses work to correct eyesight problems and how your brain process these things and so on. 

How is year organised? (Do you have paper anymore?) The entire degree is 5 years long in total, including first year of biomedical sciences. From second year onwards, BOptom is organised slightly differently to what you’re used to in first year biomedical sciences. There will be a mix of full-year papers as well as semester-long papers. In second year there are 3x full-year papers, 1x semester-long paper, and 1x gen ed paper of your choice (but really in the end cause of timetabling). We have an anatomy/physiology paper, a physics paper and a recently introduced clinical paper. Now this may sound pretty daunting, “OMG it’s physics!!! I wanna go home Mom!” but don’t fear as you’ll have many mentors and peers around to help you through this “traumatic time” (also it’s only for second year BOptom).

What do you enjoy about the course? So far, I’ve personally really enjoyed BOptom, not just the content which is taught on Grafton (and sometimes at city campus), but also the people I’ve met. Everyone in the cohort (and even in Grafton generally) are kindest people you will ever meet (and maybe you can even start a relationship there too #moremotivation). 

What sort of clinical experiences have you had so far? The clinical side of optom is probably my favourite part of the course as you get to use instruments such as ophthalmoscopes, retinoscopes and lenses on your fellow classmates. Once more experience is gained, you then move onto slowly transitioning into the optometry clinic at Grafton campus where you meet real members of the public.


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